thor (2007 comic)

Now the friendly residents of this cozy burg are just as puzzled by the walking stick-carrying young man as they are by the storm clouds gathering on the horizon. And who has he found there...? Cover price $3.99. Thor has reclaimed his role as the God of Thunder, and key members of his Norse pantheon stand by his side. Kieron Gillen and Billy Tan kick off their second spectacular arc! Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Mystic Arcana - The Book of Marvel Magic.

Rating Thor (2007) Average 0.00 /5 - out of 0 total votes. And how will Thor equip himself to face it??

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Not a robot! We are shipping all orders on time, but please expect possible delays in transit. Cover price $4.99. THOR IN HELL!

Cover price $4.99. Now Balder has marshaled his forces, and called upon the counsel of his general, Tyr, the God of War.

Cover price $2.99. And what role did Loki play in Doom's sinister plans? J. Michael Straczynski and Olivier Coipel bring their widely acclaimed run to a major culmination!

Only one man knows for sure and he can't get anyone to take him seriously. But how does a god return from Ragnarok? Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI Pencils and Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL As Thor ventures further beyond the walls of the Shining City into Midgard, the sinister Loki begins to tip her deceitful hand. And what happens to the Asgardians and the denizens of all nine worlds -- including Earth! The God of Thunder is officially BACK! And Chris Giarrusso lays down an epic Mini Marvels Thor adventure! send you an email once approved. The Siege brings Ragnarok to Asgard!

And what place will he find in a world torn by CIVIL WAR?

What unexpected enemies will be drawn to the scene like carrion to a carcass? Cover price $2.99. Just be sure to get this one before it sells out like the rest!! The God of Thunder is officially BACK! Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI Pencils.

Place your bets, grab a hankie, and wipe that blood from your eyes... the darkness before dawn is upon us!

Cover by PASQUAL FERRY The World Eaters: Part 1 - Written by MATT FRACTION Art by PASQUAL FERRY Fraction! Part two of a two-part arc by writer J. Michael Straczynski (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) with sumptuous art by DAREDEVIL cover artist Marko Djurdjevic sees the mighty Thor ruling over a newly glorious Asgard and all its people! Not a clone! This is it, true believers-- the last moment of daylight before the skies rip open and rain down blood... and the WORLD EATERS... next stop MIDGARD!! 104 PGS./Rated T+ 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99 After the events of the mega-blockbuster, multiple-issue-sellout, critically acclaimed first arc that restored the mighty God of Thunder and Asgard to full glory, Thor is back in action with a vengeance! Cover price $2.99. Signed by cover artist Olivier Coipel. Follow the epic journeys and brutal battles of the Odinson as he takes on Frost Giants, fire demons, super villains ... What insidious treachery will the cunning Loki spring on the noble heroes?

32 PGS./Rated T+


-- when a dark, destructive force from another reality comes on the warpath? But, can even the Mighty Thor defend the Golden City, and how will this battle impact Asgard for ages to come? 32 PGS./Rated T+ Cover price $3.99. Kieron Gillen and Billy Tan kick off their second spectacular arc! And what on earth is Thor doing in Paris?

Cover price $3.99. Free with Membership Learn More The Odinson's search for his fellow deities spans the earthly plane of Midgard...and you won't believe where he finds them! But how does a god return from Ragnarok? Asgard stands once more.

Not a robot!

And who has he found there...?

But who will populate the home of the gods? Cover price $4.99. You will not be able to purchase on with a credit card registered in a country covered by Written by MATT FRACTION Art by PASQUAL FERRY Fraction!

Not an imaginary story! Dark Reign tie-in - Art by Olivier Coipel, Marko Djurdjevic, Mark Morales, David Aja & Chris Giarrusso.

104 PGS./Rated T+ In the wake of SIEGE, Asgard must take its proper place as the Golden Realm, most glorious of the nine worlds of myth.

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