tower of london cast

Aside from the historical setting, the movie is not connected to the 1939 film of the same name, starring Price, Basil Rathbone and Boris Karloff.

First to go is Henry who has emerged as a hero following his survival in a battle in which he was supposed to be killed. Though both films are great, I must say that I still prefer this one. Ann E. Todd, Young Actress in 'Intermezzo' and 'Three Daring Daughters,' Dies at 88, Hollywood and the Stars: Monsters We've Known and Loved. Film Producer Gene Corman, Brother of Roger Corman, Dies at 93, October 6th Genre Releases Include The Pale Door (Blu-ray/DVD), Tales From The Hood 3 (Blu-ray/DVD), Curse Of The Undead (Blu-ray/DVD), Smithsonian Channel To Explore ‘Inside The Tower Of London’ After Acquiring Doc Series From All3Media International, Special Collector's Edition: La colina de las botas. John Rodian who plays Lord DeVere who is executed at the start of the film was Rathbone's real life son.Karloff and Price would not work together again until 1963's "The Raven" for Roger Corman. Dishonest undertaker Waldo Trumbull and his sidekick Felix Gillie are creating their own customers when they cannot find willing ones.

2, (2001): 135-146. Earl of Buckingham, Sara Taft 396, (Jan 1, 1967): 64.

Wyatt is imprisoned and tortured, however, the Queen aids his escape.

Unlike the 1939 film, this film is an actual Horror film, which focuses strongly on the King's madness and Horror elements. Horror. Looking for some great streaming picks? Trust us. Directed by Roger Corman. He assassinates the young princes and is crowned King Richard III.

After she dies on the rack, Richard claims he executed her for spreading the rumour that the princes were illegitimate. Michael Pate plays the role of Richard's loyal and unscrupulous helper on his way to power, basically the role that the great Boris Karloff (another favorite actor of mine) played in the 1939 film. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of Tower Of London with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at They were trying to come up with a fresh take on the Poe picture; they considered Nathaniel Hawthorne "and three or four other ideas" before deciding on William Shakespeare; Macbeth was not ideal but Richard III was. He secretly stabs George to death with a dagger bearing the crest of the Woodville family, framing the dying king's in-laws. Charles Dexter Ward arrives at a small village to visit the house he inherited from his ancestor who died there 100 years ago. In 1500s England, a cruel witch-hunting magistrate, who often tortures innocent villagers for his entertainment, runs afoul of a witch who conjures a banshee to kill the magistrate and his family. TOWER OF LONDON

[8], Filming started in March 1962 in London. Your new favorite show is right here. In the 15th century Richard Duke of Gloucester, aided by his club-footed executioner Mord, eliminates those ahead of him in succession to the throne, then occupied by his brother King Edward IV of England. garykmcd. Richard declares that he will fight. Add the first question. Price, who had been drowned by Karloff in a wine vat in the first version, now stars as the man who will stop at nothing to ascend to the English throne in the 15th century. As her health fails, her greedy relatives gather in anticipation of her death. See: BLOOD BOILING, LUSTY EXCITEMENT! Price Stars as Mad King in New Film Company Credits Drama, Certificate: Passed

A scientist becomes murderous after discovering, and being exposed to the radiation of, a powerful new element called Radium X. The script was changed, reworked without my consent. He spreads rumors that the late King's two sons are illegitimate and therefore not eligible to ascend to the throne. Roger Corman's "Tower of London" of 1962 is a great piece of Historical Horror and a fantastic depiction of madness, that has enriched the world of cinema with yet another magnificent performance by the incomparable Vincent Price. An evil spirit leaves the body of his human host, a criminal on death-row, and sneaks into the body of his next human host, a French magistrate. The film tells a highly fictionalised account of the rise to power and eventual downfall of King Richard III of England, freely combining elements derived from the plots of Shakespeare's plays Richard III and Macbeth. Filming & Production See: DARK SECRETS BEHIND GRIM TOWERS! Written by I have nothing against Eddie Small. Chicago Daily Tribune 2 Dec 1961: n5.

(uncredited), First Gate Guard Greeting Tom Clink [7] Price's singing was announced in December 1961. Synopsis See: VAST ARMIES CLASH BEFORE YOUR EYES! Richard is crowned, but is still haunted by fear. Meanwhile, Tyrus helps Jasper to rescue Margaret, but is mortally wounded during the escape. 1939 Directed by Rowland V. Lee.

Price [?] The movie was meant to be the first of a three-picture contract between Corman and Small. Tower of London ; Where to watch JustWatch. A man's obsession with his dead wife drives a wedge between him and his new bride. The late King had two young sons, his heir, Edward V and the younger Prince Richard, but they are not of age and so names his other brother, Clarence as Lord Protector of the Realm. As he continues to kill those around him, Gloucester is haunted by those he has betrayed hearing voices and slowly descending into madness. [2] Gene Corman says the decision to shoot the film in black and white came from Eddie Small due to cost reasons; Small only informed them of this shortly before shooting, leading to a big argument between Roger Corman and Small. A demented physician becomes obsessed with a young singer whose voice sounds similar to his late mistress.

Pendleton, Thomas A. Literature/Film Quarterly; Salisbury Vol. Price gives a magnificent portrayal of madness and villainy in what is one of his most diabolical roles. In the 15th century Richard Duke of Gloucester, aided by his club … After the death of King Edward, Richard tries to achieve his ends by intimidating the widowed queen's lady-in-waiting Mistress Shore into claiming that the dead king's two children are illegitimate. Ratcliffe informs him that Stanley has marched to the village of Bosworth with an army. ). | Tower of London (1939) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Use the HTML below. The Prince of Wales is killed in the battle. Gloucester soon kills his younger brother but is haunted by his ghost and what he has done.

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