twisted wonderland translation prologue 2

And that's why it is now empty. Do you understand? …It would be nice if Floyd got back to his usual self when he gets back to the dorm. Then he got a magic lamp and became the most powerful sorcerer of all!

I shall praise you for that courageousness alone. Yes!! For there to be a supervisor student who is unable to use magic. the school has to take responsibility as the owners of the Dark Mirror. Ah, I think my grandma told me about that. You do it. I quietly completed the paperwork for your expulsion. Are they for kids? I'll burn this collar right up and ... E, eh? You guys are useless. It’s true that if Diasomnia cards where released already they probably would get the spotlight. Floyd: Aha! I’ve been super invested in it afsjkasfjhafj AHHH!!

Jade: I look forward to seeing Floyd having fun the most. N-n-n-n-n-nope!

And here is the masterpost for Episode 2 of Twisted Wonderland’s main story~! Are you all going to be living here?

I'm going light up that fire-head of yours! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Your 'normal' and my 'normal' differ in regards to our quirks. Here comes the unofficial credits[1] earner! We've been looking for more ghost pals. Heeee hee hee! I'm ticked off! You're useless! Here’s a Ghost Marriage Ace gachapon art from me!

It's those ghosts again! The entrance is behind the East Building. Magic should fix this leak up real quick. Sorry Goldfish, I don’t feel like entertaining you now. It was a land of madness where all submit to her rule. Is that all for the new student dorm assignments? It really gives a special feeling to the outfit with how bright it is!Ace: I kinda, really busted up my basketball shoes last time we had our club activities… Floyd-senpai seems like he has good taste, I wonder if he’ll gift me one?Ace: Cater-senpai, I don’t mind you uploading my pics on Magikame but, what the hell is up with the tag ‘Ace-chan’s growth documentation!’On loginAce: Hehe, too bad we can’t have an Unbirthday party today, since it’s my birthday after all!After GroovyAce: Is it alright to come over to Ramshackle Dorm after the party? She was someone who valued rules and discipline above all, strict in all things from the march of the Card Soldiers to the color of rose bushes. If you’re too persistent I will get irritated. I just have to do it. Did nobody tell him about the ceremony? Our first visitor in ten years! You aren't lying to me by chance? I also want to apologize for my grammars too, they are bad. Riddle: He is awfully docile today. Dormitory Heads, please show the new students back to the dormitories. Savanaclaw, follow me. Take lots of cool photos for me~. What are you saying, from the start you were…. Choice 2: I'm scared the ghosts might come back. I entrust you with this. The stuffy ceremony is finally over.

Ace: Shut up. Members of the Diasomnia Dormitory can come with me. Hi, I'm Leche and I translate stuff. I sense not a spark of magic from this one... An Ebony Carriage would absolutely never go to meet someone who can't use magic!

I am a model for all educators. Do you understand our situation right now? Fgyaaa! I'd forgotten that. Why are you up!?

I'm still so happy that it was Yana Toboso who did all the art for the game though! Did you really think you'd get away from my nose? Choice 2: F-fire!?!? Would you two like to become the "handyman" of the school?

It’s all his fault. I’ll get too embarrassed at this rate…After GroovyAce: Once your work is done, make sure to come to the party!

If you have space on your friend list please add me kBw1jMAz ~! I shall watch over the raccoon, step in front of the Dark Mirror. ...Uuugghh. Please take photos of Grim and the other students to leave behind many memories of your lives in this academy. Now that you mention it, there were some prankster ghosts living here so students keep away from this dormitory. Students of Night Raven College are budding wizards called here by the Dark Mirror. Hurts just as much the second day in a row! Choice 2: So you're saying that carriage just brought me here on its own!? (Ahem) Anyway, let's get it out of the school at any rate. Even a puppy can reply. In the Heartslabyul Dorm, I am the rule.

I got my own special magic crystal collar~~. Break them and it's off with your head.

I'm a genius who is destined to be a great magician! Crowley didn't say anything about that!! Choice 1: Everyone has been using it willy-nilly. Cough, cough!! I'm outta here! As you can see, Grim is not accustomed to human society. Posted on March 22, 2020 March 31, 2020 by kanadesmusings. View All Posts, Thank you so much!! Choice 2: Grim really wants to go to this school. I’ll be updating with Episode 3 Chapter 1 today~! Spoiler alert I guess? Let's go get the magic crystal while that thing can't move. We were missing one new student, so I went to find them. There... thief... too. Without a doubt, you have talent as a beast tamer! You're the monster that ran amuck during the entrance ceremony! Choice 2: The fire must have blown the lid off. It's cool. I wished Sam was playable tho, c’mon Dr. Facilier shouldn’t look this good just for shopkeeping! Yes. Even if we don't want to, we're going to see each other every day. Hmph! We used to fight over that a lot back then.Ace: I just got older by a year, and yet everyone’s throwing such a grand celebration… Well, I didn’t say I hate it though. It gave us time to know the other boys better, so i feel that was the right choice. Featured 2 pages (1 spread) of information on Octavinelle. ", Choice 2: These are orders from headmaster. For I am gracious. So I'd like you to clean Main Street to the main gate to the library. This incident confirms it. Congratulations on your enrollment! I can't bear it anymore! Translation under the cut. If you're going to complain, you should've done it yourself. He's one of the freshmen that started today. The Queen of Hearts' statue is charred! I came to speak to you about your work for today.

Wow, as wonderful as ever. A- Anyway! there might have inaccuracies and I apologize in advance. Over there, what's the guy on fire? Let's head to the Hall of Mirrors. While there are times where he uses magic and surprises the teachers, there are also times where he severly angers them by not getting results. Boom boom boom! I lost my composure a bit. Rather than restlessly floating in the air, I've been sitting still on this wall perfectly for more than fifty years. ~Dance and Wishes~ Wish upon a star translation masterlist (amtls). I ahve thing I have to do at this school! Tumblr Theme By Tom Mclean. It's unprecedented for a new student to leave the Gate on their own. Apologize for bumping our shoulders… F-F-Floyd! Deuce: Moreso, what’s up with you? You really came from that place, did you? Nobody would listen to a queen who's just nice all the time, right? Strategy? Yeah, yeah. Choice 2: So that's why Grim can only use fire. Hmph! I'm ticked off! Make yourselves at home. Thank you for enjoying them~! It's like a ghost photograph! But I don't really know anything about that guy. You don't ever let an incident like yesterday occur again! I guess it's abandoned..

Do you have any identification, like a license for a magic car, name on a shoe... You appear to be empty-handed. Video. However, they are of a superior class that makes them prideful and egotistical people

You were summoned by the Dark Mirror even though you can't use magic, and you, a monster, weren't called but still trespassed. Posted on April 3, 2020 by kanadesmusings. Prologue ~Welcome to the Villains’ World~ Prologue 2: Solemnity Break! Would it hurt to remember your classmates' faces at least? Riddle: He has a serious swinging distance between his moods. We don't have time to deal with them one by one. Switching gears, let's get this magic crystal to the headmaster! They're the "fight because they're so close" type.

Choice 2: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Deuce: H-His lab coat has become super colorful because of the color change spell…! I'm done. If you can't imagine it, then it won't materialize. I just added you~! Nyaaa!? There is a very special spell cast on it.

Feels like something could jump out... Oh, there's a house back there. Crowley: Good grief. That punch looks like a knockout if it lands! A magic crystal..? Floyd: Sigh…Ugh.

Making many of them selfish and self-centred. Staying here will at least keep you out of the rain. That’s why, put me into the academy instead! Floyd: …Ah I want to be alone and now there’s an audience.

This was probably a lively home when Dwarfs' Mine flourished. Don't worry, my stomach isn't weak like yours. Same!!! I'm just a regular monster staying in a rainy place. Ace: Apple, become purple…become purple… Now change color! Let's give up and go home. That’s a lot of investiment! Washing 100 windows as punishment... What in the world did you all do? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Deuce: Where did you get close. Then, what about this man in the big hat? That is the Witch of Thorns from the Magic Mountains. If you hadn't done something so idiotic, we wouldn't be in this mess. Kekeke! Choice 2: I'm in a room with floating coffins!? Images of the land I had just left still burrowed into my mind and the fact I ended up in this made me anxious.I tried to feel around me, and I could feel the cushioned walls and concluded that I was in some sort of storage unit. Choice 2: If this is a dream, I wanna wake up. Hey, it’s your turn. Thank you for accepting~! 299.

However, as an educator, I can't just toss a penniless teenager out on the street with no form of communication. Ffgna! He's got a heart mark on his face and hair that sticks up.

They were just standing there watching. Translation under the cut. Always try to earn himself points.

Heeeeee. It used to be prosperous, thanks to magic crystal mining but.. Uuuuhh.. August 28 2020. Hold up!! You mean get along and work together. We should definitely not cast our spells in Floyd’s direction. Knock it off! But Headmaster, how old are you!? I'd rather die than face expulsion! Choice 1: Gyaaaa!?!? Here in Heartslabyul, I am the rules. Let's go henchmen! Be grateful! Ace: A wish, huh… I don’t really have anything special that I wanna wish for.

Don't come crawling to me when you get sick later. This is magical chandelier that uses candles that will burn for eternity. It's not fair for only you to get out of it! Haa! Is he always that fickle? You wouldn't be able to grip it in your paws, right?

I’m aiming to be an ‘honors student’ after all! I hope you enjoy the recent chapters~ I’ll be posting more later on!

I thought I'd just mess with you a bit, but you really blew my expectations away. Hmph! There was even a time she transformed into a huge dragon! Thinking about seeing your serious mug every day, no thanks. #li translates #twisted wonderland #twst #twisted wonderland translation #twisted wonderland translations #heartslabyul #riddle rosehearts #ace trappola #deuce spade #trey clover #cater diamond.

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