who benefits from political polarization

How would this be implemented? so who decides what views are logical and valid– and how do they do that? Maybe your city doesn’t need anyone to own and rent office space, run stores. Steven E. Levingston

In some cases, it is even the selfless acts that take place despite self-interest, that are the best examples of what I think humans are capable of. Business advocates for it’s interests.

I think the idea is that the political views are already out there in the population. By Alan I. Abramowitz We must be able to have multiple selves – a public self that limits what our private self-interest does. So, the fact that much of what we enjoy is the fruit of self-interested business is not the point. This extends to school shootings: the police are heavily criticized for not charging in. But you have to admit there is a large component on the Progressive side of the world that views business with deep suspicion.  | Tags: political partisanship, political polarization Running the govt for the business leader’s benefit is the road to ruin. Partisanship becomes equated with patriotism, and destroying the other side becomes the … Gridlock clearly can be a problem in Washington. And what’s best for professors and NGOs isn’t necessarily or more likely to be better for society than what’s best for business.

Stories like this are not uncommon.). That has always been true of many (if not most) people’s stated views, and it has always bothered me. I have no idea! I’m just curious how you square the circle that all the comforts you live with come from something you apparently don’t like. Even the head of my large agency, whose salary is fairly extravagant for the public sector, is making a tiny fraction of what he could make if he switched teams and did business development on the contracting/consulting side. In earlier eras, money in American politics tended to focus on candidates and parties, while money from today’s super-rich donors tends to focus on ideas and ideology—a shift that also tends to advance . Maybe non-workers, but then I think you’ve exhausted the possibilities.

I think the party in power at the time thought changing the rules would be good for them, but it turned out to be a mistake. It always benefits the business leaders to simply take money at gunpoint from the populace. She’s a doctor now. So, the fact that much of what we enjoy is the fruit of self-interested business is not the point. And, clearly, politicians gain aid and optimize turn out when their components might be emotionally activated on the basis of perceived dangers.

But one can’t measure how well businesses are doing by how much cash they are taking in in the presence of policy that transfers wealth from consumers to businesses. There are some advantages to people and Society from political polarization and battle between opposing perspectives. Some countries require everyone to vote. Social sciences are inherently hard. Perhaps. And importantly, there are actual economic Benefits for businesses that can take advantage of and streamline the behaviors of emotionally driven partisans looking for relief for their views. Even the head of my large agency, whose salary is fairly extravagant for the public sector, is making a tiny fraction of what he could make if he switched teams and did business development on the contracting/consulting side.”, Daniel Lakeland said, Is it there?

I don’t support “big business” or “small business”. And I think my position has historical support compared to the idea that somehow they’d create a deregulated competitive high-efficiency panacea. But, since they aren’t, why would you want that? Political scientist Alan I. Abramowitz has a different view. I’m only offering questions here, no answers. Large businesses aren’t exactly lining up to eliminate regulation. I’ve known many liberals who are cops. In “The Disappearing Center: Engaged Citizens, Polarization and American Democracy,” published by Yale University Press, Abramowitz contends that polarization engages the public and increases participation in the electoral process.

The polls messed up—and that would be the case even if we’d forecasted Biden losing Florida and only barely winning the electoral college. I can’t see why you think it’s “nonsensical” to think that business executives have a large influence on the government. These rules are usually created by the people with power. The trouble is running a leftist social state on a single commodity that is susceptible to price crashes is not very resilient long term. Political scientist Alan I. Abramowitz has a different view.   I’m just not quite sure what to say about it. Even as we understand, the Founding Fathers hoped there will be battle between factions within our society and place the 3 branches of the national government to bargain together. I feel like you are espousing a moral standard that anything that results from self-interest is justified – change the rules if you don’t like the results. But that is a very different thing than saying that it is ok. What I find most tragic about American politics (and probably world politics) presently, is that there is little room for anything other than self-interest.

If they stopped lying, I suspect your percentages would change quite a bit. The main reason for gridlock in Washington is not polarization but anti-majoritarian rules such as the Senate filibuster that allow a determined minority to block the will of the majority. I found out some time before my Father’s death that he didn’t believe in God, and was quite proud of never being baptised. There Are Some Benefits of Increased Political Polarization Ideological Bias In Social Sciences And Implications For Clinical Practice Garage Door Repair- From Hand Tools To Renovations Categories Business Education Finance It’s expected that an academic would have nonsensical views of business executives, but somehow I didn’t expect it from Gelman. Their people are typically the most immediately vocal because they are directly connected to those who intimidate the rest. It’s not healthy when supporters of the minority party question the legitimacy of our country’s elected leaders or when vigorous debate degenerates into name-calling and threats of violence. @DavidMarcus: “If all (or the various) political views were logical and valid…”.  |  Sorry, I meant the general “you” (how does one have…). I remember when the air traffic controllers went on strike and they talked about stress. The main business of Venezuela is oil, which is nationalized and therefore owned by the government. If we are to live in a civil society, then we must be capable of civility. Relevant to this thread:, “The bigger point here is that this is an example of something I see a lot, which is a social scientist or pundit coming up with theories to explain some empirical pattern in the world, but it turns out the pattern isn’t actually real.”. Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. Businesses do good things, therefore if they have money to influence politicians, don’t complain. For example, there is no reason why you have to let people (and things that aren’t people) spend money to influence how people vote the way the U.S. currently does. While I love the service that Amazon provides of letting me shop for things online and getting them with relatively rapid and efficient delivery. It was the year 1796 when George Washington’s farewell address was published in Philadelphia’s American Daily Advertiser. But now’s growth in partisanship at the U.S. additionally offers significant harmful consequences. If you were going to point to a common public policy position that approximates mine it’d be Reason magazine or something.   American government institutions (including laws, police, education) are based on democratic Majority-Rule (in theory at least)– not rational logic. Survey researchers have looked this from various directions; for example here: and here, using more general occupation categories: Political leanings of educators, police officers, and business executives seems like more of a big deal than political leanings of doctors or roofers. Democrats, Republicans, Independents may be how people are registered, but it does not reflect the types of candidates. I’m a guy in the middle of both the income and the left/right axis. As a note, I believe in reducing police pay and changing the social approach. I can’t recall ever supporting any such thing. We also possess the sociological Effect of Any Functioning society should build up and maintain its own societal associations — The broadly agreedupon ways society manages the heart works Necessary for survival. It is not an easy job. One I took considerable advantage of by the way.

By All they need is money. It was specifically designed, in the words of James Madison, to “protect the minority of the opulent against the majority”. If you work as a cop in a city, you deal with people who prey on their neighbors. If this is about police, I’ve spent a lot of time around them.  

Among members of the Washington commentariat it’s almost an article of faith that polarization is bad for American democracy. So there’s nothing special about “business executives” here. That was my point.

A certain degree of polarization of political opinions is considered normal—and even beneficial—to the health of democracy. No comments have been posted to this entry. In some cases, it is even the selfless acts that take place despite self-interest, that are the best examples of what I think humans are capable of. There is no world in which enlightened individuals advocate for the best interests of other people.

How does a democracy operate without the majority rule principle? I imagine him imagining business leaders coming to congress and saying things like “We should eliminate trade restrictions, reduce unnecessary regulations, and provide funds to expand the availability of international high speed internet “, And, maybe if you asked a bunch of small business owners, like ones with businesses valued at less than $10M you might even get that sort of thing. But I’d dispute many of those points. I think this comment (by Daniel Lakeland) from Andrew’s link makes some important points on how many people view business:, “I think this comment (by Daniel Lakeland) from Andrew’s link makes some important points on how many people view business:”. My own impression is that they’d simply make themselves wealthy by transferring funds to themselves and keeping competition down and prices up. I mean: statisticians have certain characteristics, so you tell me how you can pull apart the natures of those who ‘apply’ to become statisticians. But, again, that does not mean we should shed all pretenses that there is nothing more than self-interest. I don’t think society has decided anything on these issues, but some individuals and groups in society have expressed concern about imbalances in political ideology. Sure sure there was probably plenty of corruption all along. Of course, running the government without regard for whether business is working well is also a road to ruin. After 16 months in office, the 111th Congress has yet to pass legislation dealing with crucial issues such as climate change, immigration, and financial reform.

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