why does it feel so good to be bad

Everyone understands the need to be alone when you’re upset and they’re happy to give it to you.

I covered it up and it worked for 45 years. How OCD Treatment Will Change Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Autism Spectrum Disorder: Uncovering a Hidden Internal World, The Building Blocks for Special Needs Kids. Oh baby, here I am

/ So good to be bad / Cause if Props to you and your counselor. Sometimes when you’re feeling really down, you just need someone else to match your mood.

Making the connection between then and now is an important step to diluting the power of this protective (but dysfunctional) system you’ve put in place—a system that once kept you safe but now keeps you isolated. These “sublime” emotions include wonder, transcendence, peacefulness and nostalgia. I'm mostly happy with him, except that the past is always interfering with our present.


When confronted with the wrongdoing, he seems sorry and all apologetic but the next day he's doing exactly the same thing.

I welcome the bad days.

Then when I turned 46 I couldn't function. Why does it feel so good to be bad? Answer Save.

I feel much the same as Anonymous and Jordu. And though they do a fair amount of cheating the mundane – taxes, say, ... People never talk about the weight of newspapers.

Don't you love it when people talk shit about you behind your back?

It's likely that the feelings you have that you are undeserving of happiness, or of a reciprocal relationship comes from a profoundly deep place, most often imprinted when you were young. I absolutely have insecurity with my ability to sustain a long term relationship. best. - Cracked Debate, Presidential Elections In 'Star Trek' Suck As Much As Ours. View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the PlayAvengers community . The fact that they've chosen to share sensitive information deepens bonds of trust, while refusing to gossip can be perceived as a sign that you're an outsider or just don't belong (much like Jagoff Frostblade Sragnet, a loner with a heart of gold, lusted after by all women and revered by his fellow warriors). I can't begin to grasp the idea of "loving yourself".

When English romantic Poet John Keats was trying to find something to compare to beauty, all he could come up with was truth.

Amazingly, these problems are even more complicated than you realize, which means I get to talk about farts for yet another paragraph. Recently he has been fired from 6 jobs over the period of a year. Eventually I sort of gave up on the idea of ever having a girlfriend, let alone a wife. Evidently, though, there are times when the need for an adrenaline high goes beyond a bottle of WKD from the corner shop, and becomes a daring heist on a jeweller’s in Hatton Garden. Sabato Notte (Remix) by Danti (Ft.

[Verse] Feeling sad or even hopeless has been a safe state, a protected state, perhaps even a necessary state.

Micromanipulations: A Narcissist's Method of Control, Psychology Today © 2020 Sussex Publishers, LLC, 4 Types of COVID-19 Vaccination Attitudes, Two Distinct Ways the Brain Stays Focused and Curbs Impulses, changing expectations and feelings of low self worth. If you can, work on processing these experiences, including relationships that brought you to this untrusting place.

You can thank your vagus nerve for this oh-so-good feeling, according to Dr. Anish Sheth and Josh Richman, authors of the book, “ What’s Your Poo Telling You .” Shooting truth at sheeple! Because above all else, that is what we are: pleasure-seekers.

no comments yet. We’re missing something. There’s a sort-of attention-seeking behavior going on coupled with a hyper-meta awareness that I’m not actually depressed, I’m just wallowing in a rare sadness. I am curious to understand what acting inside the relationship is.

While everyone has daydreamed about cutting their ties to social media, the fact remains that it's fucking impossible to do that. I think one of the reasons is also that always being good, can put a lot of pressure on someone, and that it can be just such a relief to … You take me up, and then you take me down I hear my heart, it's such a lonely sound And I know my love is serious Can I trust your heart, you're dangerous The grass is greener, girl when I see you Not good enough for my family. Hey, I'm all for people learning to love themselves, but how am I supposed to view myself as "deserving of love" in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary? The more dramatic your state, the more attention you receive (which, for some, can actually be a problem). I hope some of my other posts can be helpful to you as well.

An example is sex addiction. Being bad, in whatever context you choose, is damn appealing.

You, and everyone else, are under a tremendous amount of pressure to keep Facebooking, which is why it's the most popular site in the world -- even bigger than Google. I don't have the unbridled joy I had as a child, but then I wouldn't expect to.

Cause if it's trouble that you're looking for Why does that make you so mad? Perhaps it is this that appeals; a brush with mortality, however slight?

“Rather than happiness, sad music elicits an entire range of ‘sublime’ emotions,” says researchers. Maybe you were taken advantage of, bullied, overpowered, and you felt alone and isolated in these experiences.

Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images"Chad, did you eat the beakers again? And as you build moments of unhindered enjoyment, it becomes easier to be in your own skin and to look at the world with eyes less clouded by the traumas of your past and into the emotional and relational possibilities of a new, less encumbered life. It's hard to remain genuine, because you know that anything you post will be visible to 95 percent of everyone you've ever met. I have a good group of friends and able to have fun with them in constructive and "healthy" ways. There's more to life than what u can see right now.

Sometimes when you’re feeling miserable, you’re actually feeling a whole lot better.

I didnt tell my parents, but eventually he did. WOW! Not because they're being dishonest, and not because it's impossible to have meaningful friendships online, but because that's the whole point of the website: You choose how others see you.

Recently, researchers Nicole Ruedy, Francesca Gino, Celia Moore, and Maurice Schweitzer, at the University of Washington, the London Business School, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania published an article titled The Cheater’s High: The Unexpected Affective Benefits of Unethical Behavior in the The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. But when we put ourselves in dangerous situations which could completely destroy a reputation or career, vice becomes much more threatening. That's not a good sign, I should call him") and can actually help build a relationship.

I could go on an on but the long and short of it is, I am very unhappy with this situation especially as he is approaching age 60 but thinks and acts like a mischievous juvenile. But in reality, gossiping about your peers is essential "for a real understanding of our social environment." Obviously, these feelings about yourself influence your relationships. You handled it beautifully, although I know there must be much more to say.

It’s a moment to yourself to literally tune out the ugly world and instead fill it with beautiful melodies.

They can't even dress themselves properly.

But the feeling part of me knows that I have to change the "recording" in my head. This isn’t the metaphysical idea of verbalizing your expectations so that the magical world can deliver them for you. By this token, crime can be seen as a way in which one can stray across the boundaries that society, the world’s biggest PR company, has laid out. Sometimes self-hatred is a more stable and reliable partner than any parent, friend or love partner a person's ever had.

Kids' shows are dumb!

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So good to be bad I said: 'Why does it feel so good, so good to be bad?' It’s taking that split second to remember Grandpa when you see his favorite ocean. The act of thinking about a happy memory makes us simultaneously sad to see it go.

This is what socializing has become, I guess: We all picked the most unpleasant place to hang out, worked as hard as we could to make it worse, and then made it impossible to leave.

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I am so psyched you love the blog and can't wait to write some more for you!


We’re longing for it back, and our lives feel empty without it by comparison. Yes, I read and understand the terms of service.

This powerful chemical response goes part way to explaining why some high profile politicians will insist on sending dick-pics to twenty-two year old models. But sadness, especially in the context of a relationship, is, for me, seductive. I definitely push myself hard and need to be gentler with myself but this insecurity paralyzes me sometimes. Cracked is published by Literally media Ltd.. I stopped having sex for a year and a half before meeting my present boyfriend. Relevance. I can't seem to get back to my happy go lucky self. I often feel mad at him for the smallest things, as if he had already betrayed me. [Outro]

Break out the tissues and the sad Spotify soundtracks, and enjoy a lovely evening with you and your tears. I even lost weight and changed my body shape yet that hasn't helped me to get a date (and everyone says it will). bla bla bla. But even knowing that Facebook is bad for you, you still can't leave.

Chemically, there is incredible similarity in the feeling gained from an executing an armed robbery, and the feeling experienced by a 14-year-old necking a knowingly purloined cider at the park. It's the feeling that you are closer to someone you love when you feel afraid of being hurt.

My husband hasn't left yet lol. Well, this research shows that in large part it’s your early attachment to your first caregiver. It has two lengths: the main song, and a shorter reprise later on. But it's still difficult to separate my intellectual understanding of all these and my emotional and existential tendency for self blame, self criticism and lost of motivation when relationships get hard with people. It's been a security blanket. In that moment, we are Batman. It's the thrill of doing something that we're not supposed to.

I am in therapy.

Mistakes and emotions and spontaneity are what friendships are. Listening to sorrowful songs is actually scientifically pleasurable (more on this later). That's an awesome feeling for me. Dopamine also has clear links with aggressive behaviour.

But a common reaction is to adopt a negative worldview over which you alone hold power. Take note of what you're doing and take note of what you've been doing and how it impacts how you relate to others now.

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